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Parenting: Helping My Child Thrive in a 21st Century World

November 1, 2019 $5
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Dates & Times

  • Nov 1, 2019
    6:30pm - 9:15pm


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Speaker: Roy Baldwin, Director, Monadnock Christian Ministries*

Session 1: What Kind of Parent am I?
Session 2: Creating Healthy Boundaries with Social Media

Location: Easton Middle School Auditorium, 98 Columbus Avenue, Easton MA
Date: Friday, November 1
Time: 6:30-9:15 pm
Admission: $5 per person, all proceeds donated to the Easton Food Pantry

*Roy Baldwin is the Executive Director at Monadnock Christian Ministries and the former Director of Parenting and Youth for Focus on the Family. Roy has experienced the challenges of today’s family as a Family Advocate in New York City, a surrogate parent with his wife in Central Pennsylvania, and as an administrator at a therapeutic foster care agency. He received his BA in Social Science from Nyack College, and he has an MA from Duquesne University in Leadership. Roy Baldwin has the honor of being married to his best friend, Karen, and leading and loving his three children.

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